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Mar Ibérica in the World

The experience gained by MAR IBÉRICA over its more than 30 years of existence have taken the brand, its products, and the excellence of its service beyond borders and to several continents.

The geographical proximity and intrinsic Iberianity of the company translates into a strong presence in the Spanish market, where MAR IBÉRICA products are marketed by EUROMAR.

This was followed by Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, the United Kingdom, and recently Germany and Romania, as destination countries for our products and taking Portugal’s best seafood products to the world.

Beyond the European continent, and supported by a structured and ambitious internationalization process, it was possible to practically reach all continents, with the presence of our products in Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Angola and China, where we could test our adaptability to markets with particular characteristics and needs, distinct from the traditional markets of MAR IBÉRICA.

Following our ambition and motivation to bring the name of MAR IBÉRICA and quality Portuguese products to new parts of the globe, it was possible in 2020 to take the first steps in the U.S. market, an extremely demanding market and for which it was crucial the high standards of food quality and safety associated with our products.

Each new market emerges as an ambitious project with particular characteristics and needs, and a new source of motivation and improvement.